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Building Bright Futures Together

As part of its 50th anniversary celebration, Tri Counties Bank is partnering with the Foundation for California Community Colleges to raise funds for the California Community Colleges Student Ambassador Program.

Through peer-to-peer outreach, Student Ambassadors connect their fellow students to food, housing, and mental wellness resources.

Two students shopping at a food pantry

Supporting Basic Needs

A recent study revealed that two-thirds of California community college students face food or housing insecurity, with nearly half unsure about their next meal. One in four are also at risk of homelessness. Our Student Ambassadors conduct peer-to-peer outreach and connect fellow students to essential services and resources that break down these barriers to success, ensuring they can reach their educational and career goals.

A group of students in a classroom lecture

Creating Future Leaders

The Student Ambassador Program is building community leaders. Students actively participate in diverse outreach initiatives and are supported by a stipend and continuous coaching to encourage leadership in their areas of interest. From one-on-one engagements and class presentations to webinars and collaborations with student clubs, this program is a crucial professional development and leadership opportunity shaping the leaders of the future.

Two students walking down a path in nature

Empowering Communities

When our students thrive, our communities flourish. Student Ambassadors contribute beyond an academic setting, whether through general outreach efforts or volunteer initiatives, all of which directly support their peers and impact their overall communities. Join us in empowering these ambassadors to make lasting, positive changes in both educational and community landscapes.

Presented in partnership with:

Tri Counties Bank, a leading community bank in California, is celebrating its 50th anniversary and has selected the Foundation for California Community Colleges as its charitable partner for a year-long fundraising campaign. Working together, Tri Counties Bank and FoundationCCC will dedicate the next year to raising much needed funding to support the California Community Colleges Student Ambassador Program.

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